Jar and Bottle Opener

Ezy Opener presents a jar and bottle opener which will help people remove those stubborn caps and lids from most jars and bottles with ease.

Jar and Bottle Opener by Ezy Opener

The Ezy Opener will make a great gift idea for most people because everyone needs one of these in the kitcken.

The jar and bottle opener is very comfortable to use. The Ezy Opener has smooth and rounded edges for safety.

The outside material is a semi-hard plastic material with finger grooves that fit well in the hand and made it extremely easy to grip.

The finger grooves are present on both sides of the Ezy Opener so that both right-handed and left-handed people can use with ease.

The inside material is flexible hard rubber so that it can effectively grab hold of the lid or cap in order to open easily.

Ezy Opener

Jar and Bottle Opener by Ezy Opener

The jar and bottle opener has a range of different size positions from small to large.

The Ezy Opener is easy to clean and store away. It does not take up heaps of room in your kitchen.

It is also safe to put in the dishwasher.

If you are having problems opening jars and bottles, Ezy Opener is a great kitchen device to have on hand.

These types of openers are becoming very popular on the market today.

The convenience and effectiveness of these openers are a must purchase!

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